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Short point and click Horror vn about a girl trapped in an abnormal corridor full of doors.

Time to complete : 10 to 20 minutes.

Contains : 

- blood, corpses, disturbing imagery, and a little bit of sarcasm

- A missing door (will you notice it ?)

- A bonus 'secret ending' art easy to get by how much you interact with things

Made for the Jam O2A2 with the limitation of 1000 words, 1 background, 1 illustration, 1 music (all made by me, just in case).

This short game is a bonus content for my main game, but you don't need context to enjoy it.
If you're interested in this abnormal universe and the character you can play the main game on Steam or Itchio.

To follow my development journey, follow me on :




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Discover the captivating essence of this well-crafted game that promises hidden depths. As the narrative unfolds, there's a sense that there's more to explore beneath the surface. Join me as I venture back into the game, aiming to unlock the secrets behind the fifth door – an intriguing connection to the game's logo. Immerse yourself in this gaming experience that's bound to leave you curious and excited for what lies ahead.

What is real?


This was a curious and interesting little horror game. Creepy too!

Creepy, interesting game

It's not me, it's you.


The atmosphere was just so well done, and I really loved the music. Everything was perfectly mysterious and well done!

Greaaat game, would play again! For the candles :))


Luigi loved this game! It game me a very scary showcase vibe! The art style was beautifully creepy. I FOUND THE SECRET DOOR! 


It's just amazing how much suspense and fear such a short and simple game can create. Great work!




Made a video


That was a slowburn, I was scared witless at the start because of how deceptively peaceful everything is. I don't know much about the plot since I haven't played 5 Stages of Pink but it still is really interesting! Especially with how you were able to break out some of the limitations! The art was lovely as well as piecing together the pieces, especially about the girl and her involvement... Great little horror visual novel!


Really good its short but somehow make an interesting mystery might download the game that was mentioned in the end 

Thanks for making it 


Thank you for playing :) !

Hello, are you interested in getting your games translated? Bc i can do it for free


It's Not Me was undoubtedly creepy, playing on the fear of the unknown and nearly bordering on being Lovecraftian Horror.

It's insane how this entire experience was created within the limitations you were set in, being created with a single piece of illustration.

I can't wait to see how this fits into the narrative of The Five Stages Of Pink.


Creepy fun.


It was good


This was such a creepy experience! You're so good at creating a spooky and mysterious atmosphere. I enjoyed playing it despite being scared lol. Another great visual novel from Kaffein! :D