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Horror mystery visual novel with point and click features !

In a universe where Sleep is an illness.

Follow the overwhelming life of Timor who desperately wants to be Normal in the most Abnormal city in the world.

Timor is a teenager and teenagers suffer from high curiosity.
You will help him elucidate Septeek city's many hidden mysteries and dark history while trying to not get kidnapped (and killed?) a third time because of reasons he doesn't even know (yet).

This game has :

- A 'Complete your Journal' task that encourages the player to investigate everything about the characters and the mysteries around them.
- A very large cast of +20 original characters with rich stories
- Deep family dramas and friendship struggles.
- But also lots of wholesome family and friendship love.
- Freedom time in the day where the player can move around in the vast choices of settings and choose with who or what to interact with.
- Meaning : multiple side story tangents but following one big main plot.


This game contains  horror elements that can disturb those that are very sensible. Things like corpses, torture through poisoning, slight gore, light jumpscares (not your 'jump at you with a very loud sound' jumpscares, I don't like those), violent scenes, mentions of child abuse and many horror/dark themes that are not suitable for children under 13.
This game also contains depictions of depression and suicidal characters.




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WOW this was....WOW I absolutely loved it I cannot wait for more, the sound design, the art, the character design AUGH! chefs kiss man chefs kiss!!

HUGE SPOILERS (Do not read if ur not done sillies)


The ending for part 2, had me SHOCKED literally I had my jaw dropped and stared at the screen for so long. Maybe im just a silly dumbass BUT ???!??! the fact there was hints at the very beginning and I didnt catch on at all bro WHAT! God I am hooked.


Truly interesting worldbuilding and setting, as it is even a free to play I HEAVILY recommend to not hesitate and just play this game! Can't wait for next chapter release.


This game is so FREAKING COOL I never thought I would be both invested and sad to finish a demo T-T. I thought it would have jump scares but except from one scene it was all smooth, and the fact that every time I could feel Timor mood going up/down made the game better for me !! I can't wait for the rest thank you !!!

And for those who can't open the game on Mac and don't use itch.io launcher if you open the folder (after allowing the game to work in confidentiality) right click on the game and select view file. You will see the terminal version of the game in contents>MacOS> Click on five stages of pink, it'll launch the terminal so if you go back and click on the game it should work ! (sorry if it's not understandable English is not my first language) 


I don't really know what to say but this game is so amazing. I love it so much and enjoy playing it! It's just awesome<33 the characters, the story and the design is just so amazing! I just finished part 2 and the plot really got me I definitly did not see that coming and I was speechless for a few minutes damn. Thank you so much for this awesome game!!<33 I hope you reach all your dreams because you deserve so much more attention you are really talented!<33 I hope you have an amazing day and Thank you again!<33 :)


WOW this message really made me smile for a whole hour ♥ Thank you so much it really means a lot !


I'm glad I made you smile!!:D You don't need to thank me:] I hope you have a nice day/ night!<333


Had fun reading and then not reading the second part!!! Looking forward to the next part!!!


HOLY HECK THIS IS A REALLY COOL GAME!! I cant wait for the next chapter!!

I really want to play this game, but why when i click open, the app icon loads for a sec before disappearing ??? I can't seem to open the app even though i clicked it multiple times, because it's going to disappear a sec after loading. I'm very confused, please help. I'm on MAC.

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Hey, try to launch it via the Itchio launcher ! For some reason mac versions doesn't work properly on Itchio, it's confusing for us devs too.
Or there's the Steam version where it works fine on Mac !


AA THANKYOU, i forgot we can launch it through the app itch io. I can finally play it.


Just me chillin in the last part :))

I'm absolutely speechless. I found this game after spotting its game-jam counterpart, 'It's Not Me', and reading that it was part of this game's universe. The world-building is fantastic. It's very rare I find a game that is completely unique, and this one made the list! The art and cutscenes were wonderfully made, and the system of the journal was such a fascinating bonus! I'm overwhelmingly invested in the story so far, and I can't wait for future updates. Keep up the fantastic work.

Thank you so much !
It truly means a lot.


I almost forgot to post my gameplay :))

Part 2 of three.

Hope there's more Froy representation in the next part

Ok Im confused at what im supposed to do at the part after I speak to the principal in the main hall whos being suspected.


Did you look below in the restaurant floor to find 'someone' ?


Five Stages Of Pink is a brilliantly written point and click visual novel that’s equally impressive in building its strange world, and being a tasteful commentary on mental health, and society’s tendency to glorify the abnormalities they experience while being ashamed of their own quirks.

While I’m only midway through the introductory chapter, there is an abundance to unpack in this game on both a surface level, and through its detailed lore. There’s plenty to explore in each environment, and the dialogue is wonderfully light-hearted at times.

Even then, it doesn’t shy away from building an air of mystery and an incredible sense of tension within the first few minutes of the game.

Once the game takes off, you’re introduced to two resources: Time Consumption and the Mood Bar. While there are moments where managing these resources are completely out of your control, I feel this mechanic drives you to be more thoughtful about your actions.

Would I recommend this game? Hell yeah. I can’t believe this was made by a solo developer. There’s so much content within Chapter 0 itself, and I can’t wait to see what more is there to discover in the following chapters.

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Yo, made a part 1  for episode 0 part 1. haha

Basically I made a video which is one out of three parts for this episode of 5 soink :thumbs-up: :thumbs-up: :thumbs-up:


2022  -  95/100

Is the game finished ? I ask because the Itch.io page says "In development" but the Steam page doesn't say "early access".


It's the first chapter ! The Steam page's end actually says Chapter 0 but I can't put the game in 'early access'.


I just played the game and was instantly hooked to the story. The scene at the beginning piqued my curiosity as well as the scene where you investigate the office. I honestly love all all the characters you can talk to so far! I find the whole situation with Glenn, Froy, and Timor very interesting, and I'm excited to see more of the story.

This is also a little point, but I really love Froy and Timor's dynamic, as well as their personalities. Timor's ability to push people's buttons makes it easy for you to find more about characters and stories. I found it really interesting whenever Timor would push Froy's buttons. You see Froy as a stuck up guy, but when Timor insults him in the car scene, you get to see a more unsettling way on how Froy views himself. 

Also the atmosphere of the game is really fun! I love a game with really nice art that is colorful when paired with dark undertones. The scenes where the camera zooms up and the purple overlay goes on top, really unsettled me. You can almost feel the fear/disbelief Timor feels in these scenes. This game doesn't have crazy jumpscares, but it left me with a sense of fear that only atmosphere and story writing could achieve. 

I know it's just the first of many parts, but the story was so good, that it just left me wanting more! Great work with all the aspects of this game, and I'm excited to see where it goes :D

sorry for the long review, I just really liked the game-

Thank you so much for this review !
It was an extreme pleasure to read as a creator !

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A Past Long Hidden


O.M.G. It's so good, leaves me wanting to know more.

I'll say it one more time, IT'S SO GOOOD, to those contemplating whether to play it, I'm telling you, it is worth it.

Looks fantastic. Would be so cool to have a mac version :-)

Deleted 1 year ago

Hey I actually updated it and you can play it on Mac now !
If it doesn't work you need to launch it via the Itchio launcher !


What a great story and art ! It's very exciting and interesting and I hope for new chapters to be released soon, so I can enjoy more of this game like I did with the first chapter. It's worth playing ! So, don't hesitate and download it right now ! 


An amazing game! So many mysteries. I want to know more!  Some scenes scared me too haha. I'm excited to see how the story continues in the next update! :D

And if you're reading this comment and you haven't played it yet, play it! Give it a chance. Trust me, you won't regret it. 


Thank you so much !


Great, wonderful, excellent... all words that invoke positive meanings but alone unable to describe how I feel about this game. May seem overdramatic but truly this game is marvelous! If you're looking for a recommendation on whether or not to play then I say you should definitely check it out!

Thank you so much ! 
It truly means a lot.